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Test Pressing

SFire / Remixes / Emotional Especial / CockTail d'Amore

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Emotional Response, Especial, Lauer, SFire, Inhalt, Kris Baha, Cocktail D`Amore, Jamie Patton, Timothy J. Fairplay, Willie Burns

Emotional Response and its various limbs have been busy of late. Primarily collaborating with other labels: releasing Sad City`s “Shapes In Formation” partnered with Media Fury; an E.P. from Acid Waxa`s Roy Of The Ravers; and remixes of Future Nuggets` Steaua De Mare (by Khidja and Mehmet Aslan). Pick of this clutch however, for me, are the reworks of Cocktail D`Amore`s SFire. The four updates on the 12 setting out for differing brilliant corners of Synth-Pop / Electro history. Jamie Patton goes for Soft Cell sleaze, a “Tainted Dub”, with high-hats cracking like a Dominatrix`s whip (and an echo of “Enola Gay” in the keys). Inhalt do Hannett doing Joy Divison / New Order. Those dry, isolated, drums. Machines pushed through an “Everything`s Gone Green” gate. Section 25`s “Hilltop”, Be Music looking to Klein & M.B.O. for “Inspiration”. Barney Sumner riffs duel, while the breathy, camp vocals could have it a classic cut up by Razormaid, uncovered by Minimal Wave, or choreographing Trevor Jackson`s “Metal Dance”. Lauer rocks the Funhouse like vintage Shakin` Baker– cowbells & skipping 909. The Tommy Boy of Information Society`s “Running”. “Confusion” battling with Warp`s Bleep and subliminal bass. My favourite though comes from Kris Baha who recreates the stadium sound of Pasadena Bowl era Depeche Mode. Rock at its edges. A 60, 000 plus strong audience won over.

There`s also a second, more limited 12, that features darker re-imaginings by Timothy J. FairPlay and Willie Burns. Fairplay loops mad arpeggios against fierce Music Box batteries. Counters doomy chords with slightly sweeter synthesised steel pans. Burns` two mixes move between a vaguely creepy combination of chopped and screwed song and stuttering piano, to thudding scary Horrorcore with SFire`s vocals distorted down a megaphone a la scary Al Jorgensen in mid “Twitch”.

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