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Test Pressing

Bronze Savage / Aficionado

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Aficionado, Manchester, Moonboots, Jason Boardman, Bronze Savage, Australia

A five track E.P. of Antipodean business from Manchester institution, Aficionado (1). “Waxed Apple” gives Andras` “Erskine Falls” (2) a New Beat. “Forgive Me”, likewise, is AB Music (3) like a dark flip of Chayall`s “Tropic” (4) or Jade 4 U`s “Rainbows”(5), with sampled dialogue that mixes sex and zen. Something that could equally have been lifted from the cassette sets of Goa`s DJ Laurent (6). “Body Glo” kind of slow-motion Jacks. Birdsong contrasted by Techno stars. Sax punching a hefty synthesised bass-line. As the tempo increases “Krang`s Makeover” adds bongos and a 303. Again Techno, but with a European / in-vogue Italian feel – from before “Trance” became a dirty word. To my ears it is in fact Lauer-like (7). Phillip & Fabrizio Mammaerella`s Black Spuma (8) putting Mr. Marvin (9) or Ethos Mama (10) inside Hardfloor`s silver box (11) to make a laser worshiper`s theme (12). The closing “Spearmint Milk” is blinking and winking machine ambience. A red-eye, a sleeper, on the Trans Europe Express (13).

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