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Test Pressing

Botany / Deepak Verbera / Western Vinyl

Botany, Deepak Verbera, Western Vinyl, Austin, Texas, Dr Rob, Review, Test Pressing,

This has been in shops for a couple of weeks, but I thought that if you were into The Orb`s recent “Ambient comeback”, then I might suggest that you give it a listen. Music from Austin, Texas, home to fellow travellers The 13th Floor Elevators and Stars Of The Lid, with connections to Flying Lotus` Brainfeeder. An opaque haze of sound, designed to make contact with entities of light, whose “drift” made me think of a more organic Paterson & Fehlmann. Voice, piano, and woodwind resonate with one another. Moog improvisations are crashed by tides of Jazz drums and prayer. A babel of backwards tongues. New Age chimes, childhood musicbox wonder, harmonic mantras and heaven`s harps. Lost transmissions, short wave dials, airwave static and vinyl crackle. Monastic choirs given an infinite sheen, Kosmische pastures, and Albert Ayler`s fire. All surface, submerge, and re-surface in Botany`s mix.

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