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Test Pressing

Mix / Murk Live / Part 2

Dark, pounding, yet soulful – as sweet Garage vocals sing of unity and love. A return to Chicago basics, but with a New York swing and Miami`s bass. A stripped-back, bottom-heavy sound, like Nu Groove on steroids, that pre-dates Junior (Vasquez) and Danny (Tenaglia) on Tribal & Twisted. Pre-dates DJ Duke`s Power Music. The first I heard of Murk was when Weatherall started playing Interceptor`s “Together”.

The three hours of Murk recorded at SADMAC in 1993 (courtesy of Max Essa) takes in their own productions and mixes them with those of kindred spirits and influences. The Jungle Wonz, Todd Terry`s “Bango”, “Disco Circus”, and ESG`s “Moody”. Hypnotic stutters, Jazzy vibes, funky organs and parping horns. Ralphi Rosario`s “Instrumental Need”, Hardrive, divas and conniption fits. Cuttin` between dubs, Oscar G and Ralph Falcon, go funkin` with the drums, and, full-on, don`t let up for a minute. House music all night long. As the recording fades, DJ Pierre`s Wild Pitch is about to go nuclear.

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Max Essa, Oscar G, Ralph Falcon, Murk, Sheffield, 1993, SADMAC

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