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I'm An Arabian Night, Test Pressing, Left Ear Records, Review,

If you’re my age you might remember way back in the 80s when everyone went mad ninja for a bit and got into weapons and stuff. When I was 11 me and my mates all got into death stars (basically stars cut out of metal that had super sharp edges that ninjas supposedly used to throw at each other to er kill), nunchakus, black widow catapults and more. It was nuts and I am surprised more kids weren’t killed or blinded up and down the country. Funny times though…

Anyway, ‘I’m An Arabian Knight’ by Shahara-Ja sounds like exactly the sort of record we were dancing to at that time. It was the period of Electro albums on Streetsound and the first music that really got to loads of us. So Shahara-Ja is of that ilk. It’s a sort of Electro Boogie that sounds perfect for these times. In fact ignore that, its like Michael Jackson over a sleek electro beat with some beautiful synths on top. I can’t get enough of it right now and think it’ll fly out so keep your eyes open for this. It’s out April the 1st on Left Ear Records. Fresh.

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