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Test Pressing

Atelje / 50/50 EP

Atelje, 50/50, EP, review, Test Pressing

No secret we are big fans of Dan Lissvik here at Test Pressing so its always good to see him release some new music. The A side intros with a vocal cut up, all breath and atmosphere, and is followed by an almost summer pop tune in ’50/50’. The stone cold winner for us on this one is ‘Zephyr’ on the B side which is 11 minutes of tripped out guitar business which very much along the lines of Lissvik’s old band Studio. Sweet melodies, dubby in feel, tidy percussion and and one of those records that you’ll hear in months to come and wonder what it is. It is limited to 300 copies so bound to go pretty quickly. You can pick it up HERE.

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