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The Balearic Sound of Trevor Ledgeway

In the UK we’ve just called time on the August bank holiday and for a lot of people that means coming to terms with the fact that they spent so much cash in the pub and on ubers that they could have gone on holiday somewhere nice. Relax, as those ATM transactions tick over TP are here to heal those singed synapses with the normalising presence of Trevor Ledgeway. We take a few minutes to shine a light on some DIY under the radar classix.

A “Trip to the Thames Barrier” (1991) – including stop off at the visitors centre with The Wife’s Aunt no less – and here in 12 minute extended mix, half speed mastered from the original tapes. Positively blissed out Barrier at Sunset from 3min50 till it done.

“A Day on an Oil Tanker” (1999) presented in the original unedited 15 minute mix. We find Trevor jamming onboard Petro Fife in introspective mode, gazing beyond the mid tone furnishings of the crew’s quarters and onto the tanker deck (4min18). Strictly for the heads.

“80s Magic at Copmanthorpe” (1980s) difficult to get a fix on the original date for this one, but I gather it was due to be the flip side of the 7″ mix of More Vintage 80s at York but Trev ran out of tape before recording was finished. Still essential.

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