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Building The Hacienda / BBC 1983

This is probably the best film you’ll see on the architecture and building of Manchester’s Hacienda nighclub. It comes from the BBC in January, 1983. “Not to have the facilities that young people have in New York and in Paris here (in Manchester) would be a disgrace”, so said Tony Wilson of Factory Records and one of the main protagonists in the building of the legendary nightclub.

This film explains the feelings and thought behind the building and architecture of The Hacienda with two interviews – one with architect Ben Kelly and another with Tony Wilson. I am not sure The Hacienda could have existed anywhere else in its form, audience and musically. (Note – love the dancing on show eight and half minutes in specifically the frog guy at 8:37).

If you’d like to hear more about the spirit of Factory this interview with Tony Wilson and legendary designer Peter Saville is both informative and very funny.

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