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London Warehouse Parties Pre-Acid House A.K.A Farley & Brewster Nail It

London Warehouse Parties Pre-Acid House: An Oral History, Terry Farley, Bill Brewster

This is an amazing article via the Red Bull website which totally explains that which laid the groundwork for all things Acid House in London town. It was the early days of Hip Hop, Rare Groove and a whole lot more. As Dave Dorrell says, “I played on the warehouse scene in London. I played at Tree House. I’d played at ESG. When I first met the Wild Bunch, Nellee (Hooper) and stuff, Nellee would come up and stay, or I’d go down to Bristol and we’d hang out. There was Maurice and Noel Watson, who’d spent time in New York and had come back and were really getting the scratching thing on the go. There were people like Jay Strongman, who I thought was the first person that had a starring role. My brother had been out in New York for a week, went to Tommy Boy, and come back with five – five! – Tommy Boy fucking test pressings! People would go mad to get the original fucking pressings. There’d be a frenzy to get these crumbs off the table.” Killer photos too. Read on HERE. Top work Terry & Bill.

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