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Test Pressing

New Far Away Cassette Business....

Shan, Far Away Tapes, Mix, Cooper Saver, LA, TDK

A quick one to mention two new Far Away tapes that are up and out there… If you’ve been following the series you know no matter whose name are on them they are always quality. Kind of like their parties in LA from what we hear. Anyway, two new tapes are up and out there and you can get them HERE.

Mind Fair, Shan, Far Away Tapes, Mix, Cooper Saver, LA, TDK

Tape #14 is mixed by Shan who is a resident of Frankfurt. He makes music on Running Back and Beats In Space. His sound is like (80s disco) the Fun House for now. It crosses the borders of Ambient, Techno, Electro with some oddball weirdness for the freak in you. Tape #15 is mixed and compiled by Mind Fair and is more on a Funk, Disco, and old school House vibe. They are both out now with artwork (as ever) by Evan Stalker.

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