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Test Pressing

Samo DJ = Born Free (31) Killing It Again

Samo DJ, Born Free, Janet, Test Pressing, Review

Samo DJ is back on Born Free who I have to say are nailing it at the minute. Over and over again the music on the label is interesting, has some life to it and pulls together lots of different strands from reggae onwards… Anyway, Samo has a new three tracker and again its one of his tidy cut and paste-y twelves which manage to not sound too cut and paste-y. A good thing.

‘Janet’ takes a little melodic vocal riff saying (I think) ‘ooh i like that’ round and round as a chopped break moves in and out over dub techno riffs and bleeps. The two other tracks are ‘Mannen From Mallorca’ and ‘Zsou – Remix’ (well thats what the titles say on the promo). ‘Mannen…’ drops a nice big bassline and loads of Sheffield type bleeps with ‘Zsou’ going into a deep groove that drops into a slow soul break and accapella in the middle until the pads and keys (which are almost BoC in feel) roll back in. It has a Moodyman meets the new school of messed up house sound. The whole twelve is recommended fun for your turntable.

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