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The Garden is Out for the Count / Intergalactic FM

For reasons unexplained, the minds behind the legendary Intergalactic FM have pulled the plug on their downtempo channel The Garden. To the unfamiliar, listeners of The Garden found themselves drifting freely between ambient moods, classic and contemporary, quite often unearthing lost lurkers  banished to the (un)fashionable CD-only market. Consistently brilliant, it became a fixture in my weekday headspace, more often than not with a pad nearby to note down IDs. Well, it disappeared a while back and i’ve been scratching my head ever since as to why – if anyone has key intel get in touch. To stop me getting too misty eyed, I’ll use this sentiment to post up a few bits that caught my ear, like this Fax +49-69/450464-released Sad World II by Dr Atmo & Ramin. More to come.

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