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Test Pressing
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Test Pressing Party / Phil Mison / Music From The Café

Test Pressing Party, Apiento, LJ Horstman, Phil Mison, The Glove That Fits, Hackney,

We’ve got our first Test Pressing event coming up for the first time in ages. The idea is that we will do different things at each event but for the first one it seemed fitting to invite Phil Mison down to play music (as well as some other bits) that he would have played at The Café Del Mar when he was resident there in the early 90s. Me (Apiento) and LJ Horstman from Test Pressing will be in DJ support and it’s at the new venue in Hackney – The Glove That Fits – which has a sort of Sameheads in Berlin feel to it. Small and vibey. What’s not to like? Spring is around the corner so it would be nice to seem some friendly faces. Here’s a chart from Phil to give you an idea of what it’ll be like musically…

Phil Mison – 15 from The Café

1. Flow – Another Time

2. Paper Moon – 51 Days

3. LB Bad – The Prince of Dance Music

4. Mechanical Soul Saloon – The Princess

5. Aurora – Cielo

6. Atahualpa – Toca Las Congas (Mr Marvin Mix)

7. African Head Charge – No, Don’t Follow Fashion

8. Nikke Nicole – Nikke Does It Better (Dub It Better Mix)

This version isn’t on YouTube! x.

9. Angelique Kidjo – Batonga (Jungle Club Mix)

10. Dubtribe – Sunshines Theme

11. Souichi Terada – Sunshower

12. Forward In The Past – Arp In Love

Not on YouTube!

13. Language – Tranquility Bass

14. Moodswings – The Jazz Man

15. Kwanzaa Posse – African Vibrations (Massive Attack Remix)

Phil Mison plays for Test Pressing at The Glove That Fits on 24th March. The venue is at 179 Morning Lane, Hackney, and is free for all. Thanks to Richard Grainger for the ace flyer. x.

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