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Test Pressing

Sign Libra / nature girl / Antinote

Sign Libra, Mantodea vs. Furcifer Pardalis, Test Pressing, Review, Antionote

Water lilies, stalk-eyed flies, panther chameleons, the strawberry poison-dart frog. Evocatively named midi flora and fauna stalk through this composed for ballet mini LP by Latvian artist and composer Agata Melnikova, AKA Sign Libra.

As with other Antinote releases, this is much more than the sum of its parts. Its effortless beauty soars free of genre, as alive and organic as the rainforest documentaries it documents. There’s somehow a keen pop sensibility at work here too – the breathy vocals of Mantodea vs. Furcifer in particular sticking in the mind long after the track has ended.

Just when I thought I’d had enough birdsong and panpipes for a lifetime, someone has managed to draw me back in.

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