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Test Pressing


Went to see the Streets live last night at Brixton Academy and it was a bit of a mixed bag.

Sound was a massive muddy mess and, for me, much of the enjoyment of the records came from the interplay between rowdy laddishness and fragile introspection. Fragile introspection probably wasn’t going to work at Brixton Academy so I guess rowdy laddishness won out. None of this really seemed to matter, everyone knew the words and had a right hoot. The highpoint was new(ish) song ‘Open the Till’ – being joined on stage by Grim Sickers seemed to kick everything into 5th gear for a minute.

Not sure what they did to ‘Weak Become Heroes’ but it really, really made me want to listen to Ashley Beedle’s remix. Sadly it’s not on YouTube, so here’s the original. Summing up the ‘rave experience’ in words as well as anyone ever has….

NB. Paul thinks “he’s rubbish”

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