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Carl Weingarten & Walt Whitney - Dreaming in Colors Reissue

Carl Weingarten and Walt Whitney’s Dreaming in Colors popped up a few years back as one of the early shares on the excellent Sounds of the Dawn blog. It’s a sublime  set of dreamy ambient tracks in a familiar early-80s flavour. The fuzzy cassette rip seemed to push sounds to unexpected places, making everything distant in a really cool way: warbly guitar riding gentle waves of synth wash, far off drums, digital flute and birdsong. I listened to that rip for a good few months before I tracked Carl down via his website  and made an enquiry about the LP, trying to swerve the £70+ original copies of the Multiphase release were fetching. Eventually, a package from the states arrived with signed mint copies of Dreaming in Colors, plus first LP Submergings, some CDs and a lovely typewritten note from Carl himself. On top of being a gent, Carl is a brilliant photographer and still actively making music today. All pretty inspiring really. Anyway, Emotional Rescue have just reissued Dreaming in Colors, apparently to be the first of a series of Multiphase reissues, and it’s well worth checking out. Clips below.

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Dreaming in Colors is out now on Emotional Rescue.

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