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Test Pressing

Lord Tusk / Communique

Pitched down pop bangers from Lord Tusk, soon to drop on MIC. Purple music for sure, but this is far from a tricky nostalgia trip. Tusk’s tools: crunchy drum shots spread out over abrasive bass, thick stripes of keys and dub fx. Plenty of tape saturated mess but there’s a glossy quality to the haze too. The bloke has an ear for a tune for sure, but Tusk lets unfamiliar melodies take control, upsetting the balance and keeping you on your toes. Check out the bold verby vocal on the lead track Shyne Eyed Gal below. A cool new record for sure.

Lord Tusk, below.

Lord Tusk, MIC, Apron, John T Gast, Boiler Room,

Available from the MIC bandcamp and all good retailers from 25 May.

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