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Red Rack’Em has always occupied something of a space of his own in the music world – hovering around broken beat, techno, UKG and beatdown house, despite being pigeon-holed in with the ‘nu disco’. And always just on the cusp of the big time with his Gilles P championed rub of the Joubert Singers, Four Tet comped ‘How I Program’ and inescapable party starter ‘Wonky Bassline Disco Banger’. He’s an incredibly accomplished producer with undoubted DJ chops to boot, for which I think he deserves a little more credit. Whilst he is generally championing new and unreleased music on his Rinse FM radio shows, he’s done something a little different here for this mix.

Over to Danny for the promo (always fond of the sound of his own typeface)…..


I have been a huge Test Pressing fan for years and I always wanted to contribute something and it’s quite funny timing as my whole record collection and DJ set up is currently in storage in Berlin.  I had literally a handful of records which I recently found to do the mix with and I just played 1 track from each record. I recorded each track into my laptop individually on single turntable which was (fortunately) in the airbnb my wife and I were staying in for the last 2 months in Neukolln. It was quite easy to choose the tracks as I had literally no choice so please excuse the slightly incoherent structure! I enjoyed the constrictions.


Big news for me is I have signed 9 different artists to my Bergerac label so I am trying to get as many records out as I can this year. The next single is out on May 11 and it’s by James Dole – he’s a multi instrumentalist theatre composer by day but has also worked with MCDE, Hot Coins (he’s the drummer in the live band) and Noema of African Shakedown fame. He’s made an amazing 3 track EP of melodic synthy house/disco/balearic which is really high quality and sounds very unique. My top tip for a future balearic beach classic is B2 ‘Grande’. Check it and you will see what I mean. Then it’s banging take no prisoners EBM by a guy from New Zealand called Body Beat Ritual – anyone who loves Front 242, DAF etc is gonna wet themselves over this EP. The main track ‘Mortal Sin’ has been slaying it since I first got hold of it while on tour last year. That’s out in late June. There’s also a great chugger on B2 called ‘Body Politics’  – the whole record is fire and we did it DMM to give it that authentic harsh feeling.

After that there’s a potential late summer smash by Tommy Rawson called ‘Deep Blue’, a seriously lush beautiful brit funk tinged roller which provided an epic summer moment at Love International last year. After that will be records by Westcoast Goddess, Ajukaja, Fake Congas, Cyclonix, MadderModes as well as hopefully some stuff by me. I also did some great tracks with Jim Baron (working artist name Red Baron) which I hope to put out too.

I recently spent 48 hours in Devon Analogue Studio in the UK which was amazing. A room full of great synths overlooking the most picturesque view over a beautiful valley. I arrived after playing in London and Brighton so I was a bit charred but I still managed to write some pretty cool stuff.  I did 8 hardware jams which I am now finishing off back in Berlin and am contemplating making them into an album ‘Live At Devon Analogue Studio’. The only thing is, I am also working on lots of sample based stuff too and yo-yoing between them which is invigorating creatively but kind of confusing the hell out of me in terms of what to release next.

Touring wise – I am excited to be heading to the USA and Mexico for the first time later on this year. I will be in the US from mid October until mid/end of Nov. Looking like I will be in Mexico too and also South America which is really exciting. Gonna do West Coast last, then head to Hawaii and then spend Dec/Jan in Asia. Hopefully Australia at some point too. That’s the plan anyway….

May 4 – Ipse, Berlin
May 13 – Berkeley Suite, Glasgow
May 25 – Shoreditch Platform, London
July 28 – Bellona Club, Lyon
Aug 17 – Jaeger, Oslo
Aug 18 – Cafe Circa, Tromso


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