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Test Pressing


Hugh Herrera has always had that thing, y’know? Those Harvey mixes from Candelas back in the day that were game, even life, changers. A freewheeling, classy, wholesome Californian charm. He once did an impromptu, but impressive, yoga display to a gaggle of worse-for-wear, seedy Englishmen in a renowned Brooklyn den of ill repute, that had us… sorry them, questioning their lifestyle choices.

And so with his latest venture Pacific Beach vinyl. A West Coast stockist and distributer of the good stuff. The GOOD GOOD stuff. Previously solely focusing on the black crack but now venturing into the brave new digital world with this EXCLUSIVE release from Project Sandro.

Project Sandro being Cult LA hero and super-DJ Tony Watson (AKA Tony Yzarnotegui) and Anthony Puglisi (Rollmottle). And together they’ve just nailed it…. sliding out of the speakers just so. Polished and musical, yet warm and human…. my shoulders instantly unknotted and mind drifted. Lazy head nodding, cinematic, deep deep moods. This is five tracks of classy, assured stuff for real.

Go get it NOW EXCLUSIVELY at Pacific Beach vinyl in all your favourite digital formats.


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