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Test Pressing


It’s been 5 years since the last Château Flight record and YET it took just 5 days for for I:Cube and Gilb’R to record these 5 tracks we have before us. Were we not so grateful to have them back together I suppose questions may be asked about what kept them so long, given the seemingly effortless nature of this record. But let’s not look the proverbial gift horse in the mouth, eh?

Versatile Records‘ offices are housed above vinyl crack house Red Light Records in Amsterdam. We’re told that our heroes were given free run of the store overnight and the samples they found in this veritable treasure chest form the backbone of the ‘Dam House EP’. You can hear that, I think, in the pallet of sounds heard here and also in the wayward, tripped out and unpredictable nature of each cut.

The most immediate, straight-ahead tune comes first in the shape of ‘Crazy (Dam House Remix)’. The rhythm section is rock solid and nailed to the floor as we’d expect when I:Cube is involved. But this allows an experimental, non-linear, nigh on psychedelic wig out to carry on above it.  This is followed by probably the most abstract adventure – ‘Crazy’ – a mostly beatless sound sculpture, vibing all across your stereo field.

We get a brief wacky interlude in ‘Kameo Casettte’ before heading into ‘Lo’, which I think is the killer sleeper cut of the EP. Dubwise horns and a creeping bottom end, pipes mutate into a pure dread rising electronic panic attack. Heavy, heavy shit for sure! The tempo shoots up for closing techno salvo ‘Sargan’ – once again the club friendly rhythm track belies a wild, rising top line before settling into arpeggiated kinda dub techno.

Super good to have Château Flight back – now, don’t leave it another five years lads…

‘Dam House EP’ is out on the 3rd of September on Versatile Records

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