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Test Pressing


It seemed only a matter of time before one DJ Normal 4 would surface on Second Circle and, look, here he is! According to the press release ‘Aeo’ and ‘Kaliadoka’ are archival cuts dating from 2011/2012 ,which can only make one ask questions about which labels slept on such choice offerings!

Those paying closer attention to the one like DJ Normal would know that there are more strings to his bow than straight hardcore / rave referencing bangers – witness the tripped out voodoo house on his co-owned Aiwo label. And ‘Aeo – Rhythm Mix’ treads a similar spooked path. The bassline comes at you like vintage Mr Fingers but the haunted vocals lead in a wholly different direction. This is house and it’s deep but it’s probably not ‘deep house’.

Maybe better still (!) is rising star Philip Otterbach’s ‘Ottertasia mix’. Whispered spoken word vocals and expansive ambience unfurl over 3 odd minutes before a rhythm makes its presence felt. The nods to the masters of ambient house are clear and present. Finally the EP bows out by bringing us right up to date with ‘La Arabia’. Here booming electro drum n bass gives way to the first breakbeat of the EP, all garnished with faux Arabic synths. Punchy and direct – report to the dancefloor!

Exoticz is out soon on Second Circle 


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