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Test Pressing


It wouldn’t be too much of an overstatement to say the Metro Area records changed my (musical) life. That siiiiiiiick drum intro from ‘Caught Up‘ will always put me right back in the Vinyl Junkies basement on Berwick Street – I can even smell the incense. This was channelling quite a different NYC to the Body & SOUL / Joe Claussell sound that was wildly popular at the time, taking cues from limber 80s disco dubs, boogie, proto-house. Another door opened for me and a lot of other people, I think.

It’s easy to see now the distinction between Darshan Jesrani and Morgan Geist. And that NY dubby, loose limbed sleaze would seem to be predominantly Jersani’s “bag” as it were. It’s a timeless, endlessly exciting and classic sound that we find him further exploring on this EXCLUSIVE Test Pressing mix he’s dropped for us. Much excitement for this one, we got a legend in house – check it out!

Darshan Jesrani, Mix, Metro Area, Genius, Italian House

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