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Test Pressing

SMX / Blnk010 / BLANK MIND

Here we have the 10th release from Blank Mind by label founder Sam Purcell and Max O’Brien as SMX. They say “the live sessions allowed us to concentrate on simple forms and subtle developments. This project was started with no preconceived ideas about the end product, but we gravitated towards a sound that works both in a club or home environment. The EP serves as an honest and organic journal of sorts documenting the last few years.”

You can feel the improvised approach in the non-linear structures within – each of the four tracks develops in unexpected directions before evaporating into beatless soundscapes. This is edgy, interesting stuff hovering in the twilight zone between house, techno and post-everything electronica. A sterling celebration for a label unhurriedly doing great things!


Noise, delicate ambient washes sneaking out from behind the grey clouds.


Restrained subtle evolving house, like something you’d expect to hear on Workshop. Muted and hypnotic with celestial melodies and cavernous echo.

‘Study One’

Edgy scrabbling techno mutation, on the verge of collapse before disintegrating into an ambient coda.


Saved the best to last! Tripped out voodoo house with hints of ‘House of God‘ switching up into a similar synth lead as ‘Ibo Lé Lé‘ Mesmerising.



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