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Test Pressing

Mix 474 / Dream Chimney

We’ve been a little slow of late. Laurence is off on a hill somewhere, Piers has moved house and got lost deep in his records and I’ve been hiding in the studio. But time to move and here we are…

Dream Chimney is an eco system of its own making. Set up in ’97 they release music and post “Music, Dreams and Other Oddball Items”. In recent days I rediscovered this for instance…

Anyway, Ryan Dream Chimney has kindly done us a mix of Ambient, Mellow, low BPM tracks, what he likes to call “Baked Wave”. There are lots of current releases, a few upcoming promos and a track from their second cassette release by Sorcerer. Basically tracks they’ve been setting aside for a special occasion such as this. Perfect for the lounge chair at the beach or headphones in the office.

While we are at it from a Chimney label perspective you can check the Sorcerer’s ‘Tapes Dreams’ on Bandcamp HERE.

Let it flow.

Dream Chimney, Mix, Ryan Bishop, Ambient, Mellow, Slow, BPM, Low down

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