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Test Pressing


Following on from their EXCELLENT compilation album ‘Transmission One’, those Isle of Jura lads (here reconfigured as Jura Soundsystem) lay some of their own productions on us. And it feels so good. Stylistically this comes from a similar place and explores the outliers of leftfield dance music, touching on our old friends boogie, proto-house, blown-out balearics and a heavy, heavy dose of dub.

The Soundsystem open their account with ‘Denim Carafe’ which couples the aforementioned proto-house chassis with mystical spoken word. ‘Mama Capes’ sounds like Mark Knopfler jamming out at Compass Point. And we’re deep in tropicalearic territory with ‘Monster Skies’ which lives up to its evocative name and feels like it might be a missing outtake from that Jorge Reyes LP.

Flip the record over and the quality continues with a boogie tune mysteriously titled ‘Boogie Tune’. More beaty balearics ensue with ‘Parrot Rhythmic Space Jam’ whilst the synths take our minds far far away. Finally the EP closes out with ‘The Lantern Story’ – a beatless soundscape that sounds more earthy and sample based that what preceded it.

A very, very strong package and nice to see the guys proving their chops as producers as well as master compilers.

‘Monster Skies’ will be released mid-March on Temples of Jura

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