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Test Pressing


Telephones seemingly has better music gathering dust than you’ve ever made. Sad face. And it’s now being shared with the wider world on this, the first release of the wittily entitled European Carryall label from our Norwegian man in Berlin.

These three archival pieces were originally produced by the fledgling Telephones around the turn of the millennium in Bergen on coal-fired PC tech. They were recently rediscovered, rescued, dusted off and given a spit, polish and overdub. It really is lovely stuff too – warm, pacy, grooving, deep house music – sounding just right, just now. 

These are tracks that scoot along on nippy, skippy beats and crafty bass lines, smoothed out by gliding pads and Italo house reminiscent pianos. Indeed the main vibe here is of that 90s Italian vein of deep garage house, imported from the US, but with a uniquely classy musicality and certain ambient dreaminess.

This is authentic and timeless house music that will surely find a happy home in all kind of DJs bags, around the globe. We’re very much looking forward to volume two already….

Vinyl only! You do need this one! Act fast!

‘From the Vaults Volume 1’ is out soon on European Caryall




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