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Test Pressing


Even if Ari wasn’t a long term bro and Paul my de facto boss currently standing over me with a stick demanding I turn out a ‘frothing at the mouth positive’ review of this release, I’d still write one. Because this, my friends, is a killer tune. It’s the seventh release on Ari Goldman’s World Building operation and comes on a cheeky lil dinked 45. The label has shown itself to have something of an Anglophile bent (see the Mark Seven releases) and this beauty represents the newly laser focused studio work of Apiento.

Classy and spacious this is. The production clean, meticulous and unfussy. And the music just so. Hitting that sweet, sweet spot somewhere between deep house, RnB, slo-mo IDM and the most melodic of techno. Shot through erotic and enigmatic vocals from Claire Huss that stay on the right side of sleaze, this is both timely and pretty timeless. We get the main take on the a-side and a shorter ambient pass en Français dans le flip. I’m reminded of the Art of Noise and the sun sinking into the sea in an atmosphere of quiet awe.

In short this is classic warm-up / warm-down tackle for the discerning listener, that is surely going to be firm fixture in your simmering summer soundtrack and way beyond. After all, quality never goes out of fashion.

‘Things You do For Love’ is out NOW on World Building 

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