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Landlord / I Like it / Maghreban Remix

How do you approach remixing one of the most iconic riffs in rave / house music history? Well, if you’re the Maghreban and in possession of MASSIVE IRON COJONES you (mostly) dispense with a beat and throw it back in the face of those who have sampled it. Over the space of 9 odd minutes after a DJ friendly drum intro, he pulls the carpet from under our feet and gives us a masterclass in tension, proving you don’t need a jackhammer beat to keep the energy peaking and peaking and peaking.

Landlords’ “I like it” was HEAVILY sampled throughout the rave years and the Maghreban has sneakily and clevely flipped the original lick into those six (!!) famous configurations. Check out the remix, which is a Record Store Day special, and see if you can spot ’em all!

Can’t wait to hear this one ripping the roof off a big room soon.

The Maghreban’s remix of ‘I Like it’ is out soon on Big shot Records

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