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Test Pressing

Simone de Kunovich / Mondo Nuovo Vol. 1 / Superconscious

Superconscious Records is the label co-run by Australian wunderkids Fantastic Man and Francis Inferno Orchestra. With bosses like these you can rely on releases that walk the tightrope betwixt the weird and welcoming with aplomb and humour. And indeed so it is here with this record from Venetian born Simone de Kunovich who, we are told, is a “student of film and the arts’. Across four tracks these avant sensibilities have been marshalled into something of a dancefloor groove, albeit it a goofily psychedelic one.

As with FIO’s ‘Mongrel’ that preceded this outing , Simone leans heavily on percussive elements. On lead cut ‘Strategia della Tensione’ these are coupled with slightly out of control, haywire synth noddles, somehow coalescing into a raggedly funky, gleefully haphazard groove.  ‘Birds of Nirvana’ starts in a more linear, trance(ish) fashion before taking flight with a vocal sample that stretches, bends and glitches around increasingly euphoric bloops and bleeps.

<Turn record over>

‘Serpiente Mec†nica’ treads a similar path, where the analogue synthesis is left to run amok over pleasantly chaotic polyrhythms. You may nod your head whilst also expanding your mind. The EP closes out with ‘Mondo Segreto’ a pleasingly tripped out balearic joyride of clonking beats and looping melodies, the most fluid and undulating of these four wonderful pieces of music. This is a heady collision of earthy percussions and vintage electronica and comes highly recommended.


‘Mondo Nuovo’ is out soon on Superconscious Records 


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