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Join The Future / Matt Anniss

Very exciting news about the publication of Matt Anniss‘ long-awaited book about the history ‘Bleep techno’. Here’s what Matt has to say about the project….

“I’d like to tell you that the story of Join The Future began with an epiphany or at least some kind of profound revelation. In fact, it started with an argument in a club way back in the autumn of 2010.

I was deep in discussion with a group of young DJs about the roots of “bass music” – a collective term for that cluster of interconnected sub-genres of sub-bass heavy dance music – and offered the opinion that most of the music they played could be traced back to a short-lived style variously referred to as “Yorkshire Bleep”, “Bleep Techno” and “Bleep and Bass”.

They had never heard of “Bleep”, so I briefly explained what it was: a sparse, weighty style of heavy club music that drew influences from Detroit techno, Chicago house, electro and “steppas” style dub reggae. It was pioneered by bedroom producers and DJs in Bradford, Leeds and Sheffield, inspired the launch of Warp Records (a label that turns 30 this summer, fact fans) and should be considered the first distinctly British form of dance music.”

You can pre-order Join the Future here

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