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Patrice Rushen / Remind Me / Strut Records

Patrice Rushen is a class act. A formally trained jazz and classical musician who turned to a more soul/disco oriented sound as the 1970s drew to a close. Strut have put together a definitive retrospective of this later period, covering her her 6-year career with Elektra / Asylum records from 1978 through to 1984. The music that came out of this creative purple patch was somewhat differentiated from other commercial radio R&B of the time by Patrice’s earlier career as session musician (unbelievably she had already appeared on over 80 recordings for other artists by this time). She brought an open-mindedness and complexity of composition to the table that was shared by her collaborators such has saxophonist Gerald Albright, drummer “Ndugu” Chancler and bassist Freddie Washington.

Patrice also made quite the impact on the nascent Prince both musically and personally. Apparently he had a massive crush on her but she considered him to be a bit on the young side. He originally wrote ‘I Feel For You‘ for her (she rejected it, but we all make mistakes, hey?) which obviously went on to do *alright* for Chaka Khan.

‘Remind me’ is out on July 19th on Strut Records


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