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Test Pressing


I’d been holed up in a West CountyTravel Lodge for a month now waiting for these premasters . Alphonse had accepted, and presumably consumed, the ‘package’ he’d requested from me 3 weeks ago and I’d heard nothing since. Communications were difficult – that caravan certainly didn’t have WiFi, calls to his flip phone were ringing out, I was sure I’d seen a pager in there but I had no idea if it was still functional.

I had no doubt he could wait me out. He was more stubborn for sure . He still refused to accept the outcome of the Criminal Justice Bill in 1994. I’d not yet had the heart to tell him about  the rave exhibition at the Saatchi gallery, but I’m sure that would have been stonewalled also.

I gave it one more chance, knocking or the caravan door, expecting nothing really. The door opened, only a crack, ‘sunrise sounds’ a voice said, DAT tapes were proffered. I was too stunned to respond and by the time I’d gathered myself the door was closed and a muffled beat started up inside. I drove back to London and gave the tapes to the people at Emotional Especial .

The music is a surprise. Rimini ‘92? Alphonse would have been derided as a ‘Ted’ and I’m sure he wouldn’t have cared much for the crowd and their elitism. It would however have presented an excellent opportunity to boost expensive foreign sportswear… I don’t suppose we’ll ever really know.

The other night my phone buzzed at 4:30am. It was Alphonse. Blearily I read the text, “there’s more”. In the morning I booked the Travel Lodge again.

‘Stolen Sunrise’ is out July 30th on Emotional Especial

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