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There’s a fine line between clever and stupid and it is this line the artist known as Andras walks with aplomb. Whilst his LPs are thoughtful, cerebral and often rather beautiful (see the two released via Basso’s Growing Bin imprint), his more recent twelves have dialled up the goof. Witness this, his inaugural release on Munich’s Public Possession, a match so perfect you wonder why it’s taken this long to happen.

Alongside fellow Australian, Bell Towers, Andras mines an ironic seam of dance music in such a dry fashion it’s very hard to tell if he’s joking. The main track here is basically a bush doof reworking of hoary old standard ‘Jingo’. And if that sounds somewhat divisive, I guess that may be the point. For me I find this basically impossible to dislike. The percussion clonks away in a borderline hilarious fashion and the lead line is picked out on (what sounds like) the classic Korg M1 preset. The whole thing is delivered in a po-faced fashion that seems tailor made to wind up the purists out there.

In between a couple of short and handy sound effect inserts we move onto ‘Conch’. Whilst we are very much in the land of familiar 2019 dance music signifiers – trancey pads, crickets chirruping etc – Andras is prepared to go the extra yard and a real love of the genre shines through. It doesn’t hurt that he’s got a cannier grasp on melody and dynamics than most. ’Rubba’, as is suggested by the title, boings along on a springy hydraulic baseline and a saccharine sweet top line whilst ‘IPX7’ has a gated trance riff and watery plinking. Both are thoroughly enjoyable to boot.

Highly recommended stuff! Check it out friends.

‘Boom Boom’ is out now on Public Possession 

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