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We are very excited to be have FYI Chris join us for our monthly session down at Brilliant Corners. If you’ve not checked their releases on Rhythm Section and West Friends¬† then, really, what have you been doing with your life?

The guys blessed us with their top horror flick soundtrack moments for their Gimme 5.

1. Sette Note In Nero – Bixio-Frizzi-Tempera

Theme from the 1977 Giallo ‘Seven Notes In Black’ which is a bit like columbo but if columbo was a psychic played by Jennifer O’Neill. Also can be heard in foot-fiend Tarantino’s little movie Kill Bill. Haunting anticipation on this one, should be played before football matches if you ask me.

2. Plenizio / Dell’Orso – Voce D’amore

Another tune from a Giallo film, this film is pretty pap although if I’m honest I’ve only watched a polish dub on Youtube so i may have missed some subtlties in the dialogue… the soundtrack is absolutely other-worldly though!

3. Cannibal Holocaust (Main Theme) – Riz Ortolani

An all-time favourite. Played this at the Somerset House Ice Rink, one of the last places you’d see people filming animal murder so seeing people glide around to this was a joy*. Also played a gig with the amazing Yuichi Kishino at Giant Steps where he informed me that the tag-line to Cannibal Holocaust in Japan was “Stick Adventure” – which is I think the best way I’ve heard of summarising the film.

4. Goblin – Jennifer

From Phenomena by the mighty Argento – this one is Goblin (and Argento) on a labyrinth vibe. In the 80s Jennifer Connelly seemed to be perpetually trapped in a white nighty running around while shit popped off, but at least in Phenomena she can talk to insects instead whatever the fuck Hoggle was. Top sparkly noises here!

5. The Gonk – Herbert Chappell

A strong contender for my first dance/funeral song. To get geeky it’s an amazing tune to end the film with, punctuating the allegorical heart of one of the greatest horror films ever.

*(I’m definitely not condoning, nor do I approve of, animal murder just FYI ūüôā )

Rye Wax / FYI Chris

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