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Test Pressing


Since February 2018, Daehan Electronics, a boutique record label partially dedicated to tracing the secret histories of experimental and electronic music from South Korea – The Land of The Morning Calm – has introduced us to the ritualistic ambient music of Kim Byoung Dunk, and the shoegaze drone of Puredigitalsilence, while offering up an adjacent widescreen reassessment of Liquid Liquid percussionist Dennis Young’s 80s New Age years. This September, the Daehan Electronics chronicles continue with the release of Disfiguring Echoes, the debut album from South Korean sonic arts veteran Sunggun Jang, recorded during the freezing winter nights of 2019 at a home studio in the outskirts of Seoul. 

Over the last fifteen years, Jang has travelled from harsh noise and doom metal projects to hyper-complex sound design and soundtrack work, while never losing sight for a passion for compositions imbued with a deep sense of place, location and context. Built around field recordings, Disfiguring Echoes six figures reframe the ghosts of Jang’s world inside minimalist dreamscapes that speak directly – and powerfully – to the stark beauty of winter in Seoul. It might just be the most profound body of work Daehan Electronics has prepped for release yet.  

Disfiguring Echoes will be released on the 15th of September through Daehan Electronics in LP and digital formats (pre-order here). 

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