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Vibes might not grow on trees, but Finnish synth-stylist Ilari Larjosto, a man of many aliases, and countless (hyperbole alert! you can count them, but humour me) cosmic, techno, leftfield, disco and ambient music projects, always has some new coming up. When he isn’t working solo (a man alone in a studio, probably full of old gear), he can be found playing bands like JESSE, Tähtiportti, and Austrian Finnish trio Skymax, or collaborating with the likes of DJ Fettburger as 358 Men.

Unsurprisingly, given his work rate, on September 27, the producer, drummer and sound engineer is firing up his Stiletti Ana alias and presenting it’s first full-length release – titled Ab Ovo – through Sweden’s Höga Nord Rekords. Over its seven songs, Larjosto essays on extensive research conducted into the soundworlds of heavenly cinematic arpeggios, conga driven ambient music and physical 3D drone compositions.

After the title track transmogrifies a sprawling dronescape into buoyant beatwork, ‘Ground Water’ sees Larjosto wading around in the sonic depths. After eventually coming up for air with the surprisingly bubbly CGI synth number ‘Post Mortem,’ he returns to the psychedelic-aquatic depths for a series of increasingly deeper dives. Always deploying subtle, chugging rhythms at the right moment, Larjosto’s work on Ab Ovo makes for an engaging and immersive experience. We would expect no less.

Listen to ‘Horizon’ by Stiletti Ana above.

Ab Ovo will be released in vinyl and digital format on September 27 through Höga Nord Rekords (pre-order here).

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