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In which fearless romantic, mescal philosopher, elemental DJ and zen chaotic warlord teams up with Ron Morrelli’s LIES imprint for a wild ride through downtown spiky post-punk, noisy experimentation and some moments of real beauty.

The album opens its account with ‘In Your Town’ which comes off like Lil Louis’ Love Bug version of ‘Nyce N Slo’ spliced with Suicide. Punk attitude with acid house repetition.

‘Sniffin’ at the Griffin’ is a white-knuckled blast of white noise and guitar fuelled adrenalin that edges in out of uncomfortable distortion and dissonance. It’s all (barely) held together by Bobbie Marie’s vocals, a steady electronic bass line and later some James Chance style sax from The Rapture’s Gabe Druzzi. It sounds like a night out where the fun might be on the edge of becoming un-fun.

‘I Want You to be Me’ takes the vibe further out. Tightening the repetition and noise into a claustrophobic tunnel of paranoia with Bobby’s here childlike crooning glitching and fritzing out intermittently. The abrupt end of which…

…takes us to the funky backwards jamming and synth noodling of ‘Neon Green’, an edgy, pointy groove that lets a little space and some light in after the onslaught of the previous tracks.

The album’s centrepiece and stand-out track continues the record. ‘Song of the Sex Monk’ is nine minutes of blissful, transcendent harmony, trance inducing guitar and lovely, lovey voices. The cynical, hard-edged city is behind us now and we’re looking at the wide open space anew, like a child. The end of a journey that shows Thomas has mastered the calm and the storm with some aplomb.

‘Sex Monk Blues’ is out now on LIES

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