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Test Pressing

Khruangbin / Interview

Where are you from?

We’re all from Houston, Texas, but we like to think of our band being from Burton, a very small town in between Houston and Austin, where we really began making music.

Where are you based?

Mark / We’re split between London and Houston now, with Laura Lee in London and myself here in Houston. It doesn’t stop us from regularly hanging out online with keyboards and tequila. We’re able to Skype our practices, and sketch thoughts and ideas for music with the handy use of the information superhighway.

Laura Lee / I think the time difference is the most difficult obstacle in being transatlantic. Half of the times that are convenient for one of us, the other is asleep. But, like with most things that are difficult, when you get past them, you’re in for a real treat.

What made you start?

LL / I had the lucky opportunity of playing bass, alongside Mark, with YPPAH (Ninja Tune), supporting Bonobo on a West Coast tour a few years ago. I was terrified, as I’d only been playing bass for a few months and wore sunglasses the entire tour to shield myself.  When we came back from that tour though, I knew I wanted to make my own music. Mark and I went to the barn in Burton that next weekend and began recording what would become Khruangbin.

M / We started going out there all the time just to play around. I would play drums, and Lo would play bass. That’s how it began. We recorded just the drum and bass parts, and then I’d lay my guitar on top of it. We listened to a lot of different types of music driving out to Burton, but our favorites were these `60s and `70s Thai cassettes of Rock and Funk. And in listening back to the things we were playing, it was clear how much those tapes were influencing our sound, especially with Lo being such a young player with ears open.

What makes you continue?

LL / Because we love it.

How would you describe your sound?

LL / When people ask me, I say “Maybe something you’d hear in a Tarantino film”. It seems to encompass the different things that we do and give people the right impression. It’s the closest I’ve got anyway.

M / Kind of a psychey-surfey-folk? I still have a tough time describing it to people…

Where is your favourite place to play / party / other?

The Barn in Burton.

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What are you most proud of?

M / I’m really psyched that this single is finally out and folks are digging into it. I’m really proud that we’ve created this sound and I can`t wait to see how it develops over time.

LL / I’m really proud of the way that we’ve maintained ourselves as a band, being in different cities.

What are your plans for 2014?

We’ll be heading back into the barn in August, to start tracking for an upcoming full-length. We’ve got a four song EP dropping in the fall through Night Time Stories (in association with Late Night Tales), and we’ll be doing some dates in UK and throughout Europe to support it.

Khruangbin have put together a great “Influences” mix for i-D magazine, which you can listen to here, and you can find out more about the band over at their website here.