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Test Pressing

Paqua / Tour Bus Top Twelve

Psyche Jungle Rock-outs. Walls of Space Echo and glissando that break into the Metheny morse clips that provided Reich`s counterpoint. Songs for the sunshine (not clouds of any kind). The Doobies, The Eagles, Firefall sing Electric Blues. Everything turned up to 11. Blue-eyed Soul. Liberty`s “Girl You Better Wake Up”. Funky Folk that Gilles might play. The Batteaux Brothers watching the birds and the bees. West Coast harmonies. Paqua have an album out, called “Akaliko”, and they are about to embark on a tour.

June 27 / Gully Stage / Glastonbury

July 1 / Shacklewell Arms / London (DJs Danny Psychemagik & Phil Mison)

July 3 / Garden Bar / Zadar, Croatia (DJ set Quinn & Woody)

July 4 / Main Stage / Garden Festival, Croatia

July 11 / Yard bird / Birmingham (DJs Dean Sunshine Smith & Ole Smokey)

July 12 / Great Outdoors / Lord Clifton, Birmingham (DJ set Mudd, Quinn & Woody)

July 13 / Love Inn / Bristol (DJ set Quinn & Woody)

July 16 / Brudenell Social Club / Leeds

July 17 / Aficionado / Soup Kitchen, Manchester (DJs Moonboots & Jason Boardman)

July 20 / We Are The Sunset / Star of Hackney Downs, London

The album`s closer is called “We Came Far” and I have to concur. To think that people from our small niche will be up on stage making this noise. It will be great. A celebration. As the song, and band, state, “Life`s what you make it”.

We managed to get in touch with four of the chaps in the live line-up of Paqua; Patrick Wood (former Phenomenal Hand Clap Band drummer), Patrick Dawes (percussionist for Groove Armada), Quinn Luke (Bing Ji Ling) and Claremont 56 CEO Paul Murphy (the elusive 5th member is Alex Searle); and asked them what they`ll be playing on board their magic bus.

Paqua / The Visitor / Even though I’ve possibly listened to this more times than I’ve had hot dinners, I never tire of it. It was our first record and one that we’re all very proud of. (PM)

Rudy Norman / Back To The Streets / Phil Mison turned me onto this. This is the sort of record that doesn’t come along too often. It gets me in all the right places and the intro gives me goose-bumps every time. A perfect record in every way… I even love the vocoded bit. (PM)

Tamiko Jones / Let It Flow / This is possibly my favourite record to play out at the moment. Andi Hanley did an extended edit of it last year which I just can’t get enough of. It always transfers the dancefloor to a happy place and the ladies love it, which is obviously always a good thing. (PM)

Asha Puthli / Space TalkI’ve been in love with this record since I bought it from Soul Sense in Luton many years ago. It immediately takes me back to when I was living in Bricket Wood and reminds me of all the good times I had back then. I would love to make a record like this one day… if I manage it, I would die a very happy man. (PM)

Paqua / Late Train (Emperor Machine Special Extended Vocal Mix)) / Boy did he (Emperor Machine) do a good job on this. I couldn’t help but pull a few moves in my kitchen the first time I played it. It’s also the best cut I’ve ever had on Claremont 56 and one that definitely sounds so much better on vinyl. Very proud to have this in my catalogue. (PM)

Holger Czukay / Fragrance (Ode to Perfume)Conrad Idjut played me this track when we first met, over 20 years ago and I can literally say it has changed my life. I heard Holger play a different version (the original was deemed too long, so EMI snipped off a piece of unheard magic at the end) and I knew I just had to release it. It was this track that led to Holger and I becoming friends, the me releasing his music and making an album with him, as Bison. Conrad, I owe you an ale or 3. (PM)

John Williams / Woodstock / I recently starting splitting my time between New York City and Upstate New York, Saugerties to be precise.  I bought a station wagon to get around, and it only has a CD player.  I’ve been picking up CDs from thrift shops for pennies, as a way to discover new music.  When I saw a version of “Woodstock” on a greatest hits comp from John Williams, I couldn’t pass it up.  Saugerties is right next to Woodstock! Pretty much captures the vibe of the region… (QL)

Ayub Ogada / Kothbiro / My girlfriend owns a healing arts center, and I’ve started doing some improvisational music during some of her freaky-deaky, group, breath-work sessions.  This is one of the songs she gave me for inspiration / direction.  I love this one.  Who knows what he’s saying, but it must be something good! (QL)

Atom Heart / Naked Eye Spy / This is one of those cases where a song comes on your iTunes that you don’t recognize, then you remember it`s something you got from someone in a transfer. This one comes courtesy of my brother, who’s into all sorts of great stuff…(QL)

Richie Havens / Back to my Roots  / I got to play this song a few times with Richie alongside Groove Armada. As well as being an amazing singer and songwriter Richie’s cover of the Holland-Dozier-Holland song has become both a soul and dancefloor classic. (PD)

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers / Don’t Come Around Here No More / What can I say about the man that hasn’t already been said… Tom Petty has always been one of my favorite things to listen to while traveling.  It’s hard to pick just one Petty tune but this one seems appropriate for this list. (PW)

Rare Earth / Get Ready (Full Version) / An all time fave. Give the drummer some…(PW).

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