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Playlist / Phil Mison / Milk Bar Top 13

Top tunes selected by Phil Mison (Cantoma) from his first London residency, at Nicky Holloway`s Milk Bar. Running from 1991 - 1993, the party was called “The Recession Session”. When we were working on the list Phil said to me, "None of them are particularly rare, have anything to do with The Garage, Cosmic, or can be considered cool these days. It`s just what I was playing in my own little bubble!" I have to disagree. They all sound pretty cool to me and most these records I would call classics.

Sade / Love Is Stronger Than Pride (Mad Professor Remix)

William Orbit / The Last Lagoon

Martine Girault / Revival 

Phillipe Saisse / God Son Paris 

DJ Takemura / Hoping For The Sun 

Kwanzaa Posse / Wicked Funk (Hypno Beat)

Les Negresses Vertes / Sous Le Soleil De Bodega (Bodega Di Moko) 

Piece / Free Your Mind 

Mechanical Soul Saloon / The Princess 

The Sky / Dreams

Pressure Drop / Back2Back

Flow / Another Time (Universal Mix)

Mr. Marvin / Entity (Fitzcarraldo .. Extasy Of Love)

Phil Mison`s Cantoma release their third LP, “Just Landed” on May 2nd. Check at for details.