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Test Pressing

Sketches From An Island / Twelve Points Of Reference

If you own the Finis Africae retrospective, the Gigi Masin compilation, and now go out and buy Mark Barrott`s “Sketches From An Island”, you might never need another “Sunset” record. With only these three albums you could set yourself up as a “Chill-Out” DJ, and play brilliant music for over three hours, without repeating yourself once.

As I`ve said before, “Sketches” is more Pop in purpose than either the music of Finis Africae or Gigi Masin, and here at Test Pressing we are running through every good luck superstition we know, tapping wooden lintels, avoiding black cats and ladders, saying Shinto prayers (ringing that bell), hoping that this album will crossover and out of our small world, and open bigger doors for Mark (and perhaps, as consequence, everyone else).

The album gathers the eight tracks that appeared on the two vinyl samplers, which I`m sure now have long gone, and adds one more, the stately piano and bird song-led Zang Tumb Tuum (beaten) of “Sacred Island”.

Rather than confuse everyone with my usual oblique prose (since I`ve already done that, twice) I thought I`d be more direct. No code to be cracked, no dictionary needed, here are twelve personal musical reference points for this essential collection.

Mark Barrott`s “Sketches From An Island” is released on International Feel and will be in the shops Monday (June 2nd).