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The 2016 End Of Year Review / Part 1

As always, a big, big thank you to all the labels, musicians, producers, DJs, everyone who took the time to share their music with us in 2016, and to everyone who took the time to take part in this review. It`s been another great year for music, one of too many favourites.

Mark Barrott (International Feel)

Top Three Tracks To Dance To

Andras / Gold Coast (Surfers Paradise Mix)

Todd Terje / Snooze 4 Love (Luke Abbot Mix)

Mark Barrott / Der Stern, Der Nie Vergeht (Domenique Dumont Mix)

Well you can do a good whirling dervish to it.

Top Three Tracks To Chill To

Burial / Nightmarket

Fuga Ronto / Invisible Escape E.P.

Tornado Wallace / Today

Top LP

CFCF / On Vacation

Top Three Reissues / Compilations

Music From Memory’s entire year!

I can’t really pick one single release.

David Holmes` Late Night Tales

La Torre Vol Uno

Yep I was involved in it but so what!

Jason Boardman (Aficionado)

Top Three Tracks To Dance To

Powerdance / Powerdance

Does exactly what it says on the tin, a winner from the rainy city!

A Band Called Flash / S/T EP

Killer follow up to 2015 dancefloor favourite the Mother Confessor E.P., once again ploughing that Atmosphere-ic furrow.

Mr. Fingers / Outer Acid

Glad to have him back in the room and what a return!

Top Three Tracks To Chill To

Wilson Tanner / 69

Not many LP’s get played in their entirety at Aficionado, this opened proceedings on many occasions.

The Swan and the Lake / Moments

Music For Dreams finest moment this year amongst a cluster of other gems.

Hope Sandoval And The Warm Inventions / Let Me Get There (Feat. Kurt Vile)

Surely every artist strives to make a record as good as this!

Top LP

Cass McCombs / Mangy Love

Epic return to form for Cass, a beautiful lp of various styles formed into a cohesive whole.

Top Three Reissues / Compilations

Various Artists / Sky Girl

I bought this blind on pre-sale on the strength of the label and compilers and certainly wasn’t disappointed. Everyone should own this record!

Anuradha & Kavita Paudwall / The Gayatari Mantra

Just wow deep Aficionado Spiritland anthem!

Black Disco / Night Express

I was fortunate to score one of the limited edition dubplates of this, absolute killer from an amazing label.

Jex Opolis (Good Timin`)

Top Three Tune To Dance To

PowerDance / PowerDance

Probably the best “new” disco release of the year. It’s sorta 1979 via 2001 via DFA, but with enough fresh sounds and vibes to make it a top pick!

Ponzu Island / Super Koto

The sound of Morgan Geist making love to a Gameboy. Top melody, crispy production and a tasty middle-eight which is almost unheard of these days!

Telephones / Datajungel

I’m a big fan of Henning’s productions, so after we didn’t hear from him for a year, it was nice to get a big ‘data’ dump from the man himself. One of the standouts on his Running Back LP.

Honourable Mentions

Mr. Assister / Izma

Ali Renault / Tablature

Anthony Naples / Lekker

Top Three Tune To Chill To

Andras / Poets Day

The whole House of Dad release is amazing, it shows Andras “moving out” from his influences and into his own world. Funny then, that this album was about moving INTO his parents’ home!

Suzanne Kraft / Body Heat

Really nice textures and melodic counterpoints. Ambient was a buzz word this year but with releases like this, I’m fine with it!

Roberto / Twilight

Sleeper cut off Roberto’s EP on Good Timin’ this year. Perfect combo of melody, production and groove. 

Top LP

Nu Guinea / The Tony Allen Experiments

Loved everyone of the cuts on this LP. Such an innovative way to sample and pay homage to the past, yet do something interesting and fun with it. Plus, after spending so much time on club gear over the last year, it was a real treat to throw this slab on the turntable and sip a cup of hot tea.

Top Three Reissues / Compilations

The System / Logic

No surprises here! Though I’m worried about all the reissues coming out and the lack of new tunes, with stuff like this being unearthed, maybe the rest of us should hold off producing new music for a few years so all this older weird stuff gets its fair shake.

VA / Doing It In Lagos 

Whoa, this is the atomic bomb of reissues. I know a lot of work went into sourcing all these tunes, so props to Soundway for releasing a nice package and letting new ears enjoy these amazing tracks.

Wally Badarou / Back To Scales To-Night

Quite happy that more people can enjoy this record. Been a long time coming for a reissue on this one. I just hope Wally gets a slice of cash for this one.

Stuart Leath (Emotional Rescue / Response)

Top Five Tracks To Dance To

Aiwo Rec / Forum EP

Anything by DJ Normal 4

Lata Ramasar / The Greatest Name That Lives (Alessandro Adriani Remix)

Alphonse / Smokey EP

Lnrdcroy / Ooze City

Top Five Tracks To Chill To

Holovr / Anterior Space

Jon Keliehor / The Beginning Of Time

Sad City / Shapes In Formation

Olivia Wyatt & Bitchin’ Bajas / Sailing A Sinking Sea

Mood Hut / Snaker 07

Top LP

Roy of the Ravers / 2 Late 4 Love

Top Five Reissues / Compilations

VA / Screamers, Banger & Cosmic Synth

Wicked Witch / Under Your Spell

Anuradha Paudwal / Gayatari Mantra

Alain Neffe / An Introduction To The Insane World Of

Errol Brown / Orthodox Dub

Lexx (Phantom Island)

Top Three Tracks To Dance To

The Pilotwings / Dracaufeu

Sano / Hasta Abajo

Mood Hut / Better

Top Three Tracks To Chill To

Fuga Ronto / Daydreams

Frank Ocean / Nights (Part 2)

Devendra Barnhart / Middle Names

Top LP

A Tribe Called Quest – We Got It From Here..

Top Three Reissues / Compilations

Dennis Bovell / Row, Row, Row

Yasuaki Shimizu / Kakashi

Aleke Kanou / Aleke

Manu (Archeo Recordings)

Top Four Tracks To Dance To

Apiento & Co. / E.S.P. (Lexx’ sunset Ashram remix) 

Thank you Alex & Paul!

Maajo / Tropic of Tulli 

Mark Barrott / Remixes from an Island 

Abel / African Sheik EP 

Top Four Tracks To Chill To

Joe Morris / Bahia 

Thank you Andy & Joe!

Mushrooms Project / Dirty Bolas / Sunset ballad 

Thank you Marco & Giorgio!

Ambala / Volume 1

Thank you Phil & Kenneth!

Bartosz Kruczyński / Baltic beat 

Top LP

Smith & Mudd / Gorthleck

Top Four Reissues / Compilations

Vox Populi! / Aither 

Thank you Chuggy!

Beverly Glenn-Copeland / Copeland keyboard fantasies 

Thank you Brandon!

Roberto De Simone + NCCP / II° Coro delle Lavandaie (Leo Mas & Fabrice Balearic Voodoo) 

Thank you Leo!

Blue Gas / Shadows From Nowhere

Leo Mas (Balearic Beat Originator, Italian House Legend)

Top Three Tracks To Dance To

GU / Contact (Nova) (Dub Version)

Bryan Ferry / Avonmore (Idjut Boys Dub)

Double K# ft. Doungous / Le Tchadien Reprise (Main Reprise)

Top Three Tracks To Chill To

Massimo Amato / La Centrale Elettrica

No-Man / Heaven Taste (Remix By Jimi Tenor)

Nomade Orquestra / Vênus

Top Three Reissues / Compilations

Anna Homler And Steve Moshier / Breadwoman & Other Tales

Vox Populi! / Aither

Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids ‎/ Rhapsody In Berlin (Part I & II)

Honourable mentions should be made to Phil Mison for his two beautiful albums as Cantoma & Ambala, to Wolf Müller & Cass. for “The Sound Of Glades”, to Kenneth Bager for “Jockey Club, Salinas-Ibiza, The Sunset Sessions Vol #4”, to Mark Barrott & Pete Gooding for “La Torre Volumen Uno” and Coyote & Max Essa for Is It Balearic? Recordings` 10 Year Anniversary collection.

Moonboots (Aficionado)

Top Three Dancers

Bronze Savage / Krang’s Makeover

Lovely bit of wobble.

Ambala / Bambari

Perfect end of night chanter.

Buh-Bak-Ho / Eclectic Journey’s Extended Edit

Great record. Did the OG need editing? Probably not but it’s just worked everywhere I’ve played it.

Top Three Chilled

Anuradha Paudwal & Kavita Paudwal / The Gayatari Mantra

Just amazing. THE record of mine and Jason’s Aficionado Spiritland Sunday sessions

Tommy Awards / Sessions II

I loved both the Origin Peoples Tommy cassettes but this Balearic Social 12″ wins second best ‘bog record’ of the year

The Swan & The Lake / Moments

Bonkers, beautiful and as Balearic as it gets.

Top Three LPs

Cantoma / Just Landed

Timeless & effortlessly beautiful from the real Balearic big dog.

Bendith / Bendith

They could be singing about going to the shops to buy some jaffa cakes. I don’t care. Love these Welshies.

The new Luca Nieri CD

What a talent. Hopefully Miles will pull his posho finger out and release it on “the vinyls”.

If the Fabror Resande Mac LP was out then that’d squeeze in here too.

Top Three Reissues / Compilations

Blue Gas / Shadows From Nowhere

Manu annoying collectors everywhere but pleasing punters with his relentless reissuing of beauts.

Raivo Tammik Instrumental Ensemble / Kahekesi Õhtul

Much love to Martin (Frotee) for turning me on to this. Sunday morning jazz club. Nice.

Various / Valgusesse

One of my favourite labels (Frotee). Just buy everything they release. Truly eclectic and essential.

Paul "Mudd" Murphy (Claremont 56, Leng)

Top Three To Dance To

Dedication / Let Me Rock You  

Avante Garde / Everybody’s Lover 

Mozez / Run River (Ray Mangs Extended Version) 

Top Three To Chill To

Steve Cobby & Rich Arthurs / Bushfarmer

Smith & Mudd / Gorthleck 

Oma & Amberflame / Tropic Of Capricorn 

Top LP

Smith & Mudd / Gorthleck

Top Three Reissues / Compilations

Various / Beauty: A Journey Through Jeremy Underground’s Collection

Sun Palace / Raw/Rude Movements

Morrison Kincannon / To See One Eagle Fly

Ruf Dug (Wet Play)

Top Three To Dance To

D.Futers / I care 

Nick Murray & Kris Baha / Say Something 

Glowing Palms / Koh 

Top Three To chill To

T e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 / 表面張力 

Wilson Tanner / Sun Room 

Aragon / かかし 

Top LP

Pilotwings / Les Portes Du Brionnais

Top Three Reissues / Compilations

Hiroshi Kawaguchi / Out Run

Blue Gas / Shadows From Nowhere

Digital Zandoli

Matt Werth (RVNG Intl.)

Top Three Tracks to Dance To

Foodman / Waterfall

Kassem Mosse / Aluminosilicate Mirrors 

Image Man / More  

Top Three Tracks To Chill To

Les Halles / Thresholds  

Maxwell August Croy / The Medicine Bow 

Wilson Tanner / Long Water 

Top Three Reissues / Compilations

Various / Midnite Spares

Imaginational Anthem Vol. 8: The Private Press
Michal Turtle / Phantoms Of Dreamland

Cedric Woo (Beauty And The Beat)

Top Three Tracks To Dance To

DJ Sotofett / Current 82 (12 Mix)

Manuel Göttsching / Ashra & Daniele Baldelli / Shuttlecock
Alma Negra / Mageko

Top Three Tracks To Chill To

Steaua de Mare / Babadag (Khidja Remix)

Jonny Nash / Cristina And Carolina

Shelter / Water Plain

Top Three LPs

Josè Manuel / Excursion Africanism 

Wolf Müller & Cass. / The Sound Of Glades

BCUC / Our Truth

Top Three Reissues / Compilations

Various / Digital Zandoli

Various / Space Echo – The Mystery Behind The Cosmic Sound Of Cabo Verde Finally Revealed!

Philippe Chany / Rive Gauche

Part 2 to follow...