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The End Of The Year Review 2016 / Fat Cat & 130701

A little shy of the pre-Christmas time-line we set. But what`s a few days between friends? Here`s Fat Cat / 130701`s Alex Knight & Dave Howell`s favourites from 2016`s releases.

Dave Howell

Niagara / São João Baptista (Principe Discs)

Jane Arden / Sleepwalking (Blackest Ever Black)

Beatrice Dillon / Can I Change My Mind? (Boomkat Editions)

Top 3 LPs

Stian Westerhus / Amputation (House Of Mythology)

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith / EARS (Western Vinyl)

Ian William Craig / Centres (130701)

Top 3 Reissues / Compilations

African Head Charge / Environmental Holes (On-U Sound)

Delia Derbyshire and Elsa Stansfield / Circle Of Light (Trunk)

Big Star / Complete Third (Omnivore)

Alex Knight

Top 3 Singles

KiNK / Chorus
I`m not the biggest KiNK fan but this track, well it does the business.

Ali Berger / Bang It 
A great floor filler from a genuinely talented newcomer

Peggy Gou / Six o Six
I`ve bought all her releases this year. She’s got something great going on.

These three just pipped the following: Mall Grab / Can`t (A great E.P. from a young and talented chap); Telfort / Lickety Split (I don’t know much about this other than it reminds me of early Stacey Pullen. A top track); the H.O.T. Records catalogue from this year; Dwayne Jensen / People; Decius  / Rupture Boutiqe E.P.; and The Soundstream  / Soundhack guys who hit great form with their Sound Sampler series (vols 1, 11/2, and 2).

Top Three LPs

Omar S / The Best
Unbelievably good. Omar S comes of age across four slabs of blood red vinyl. Worth every penny of the £40 import price
Ian William Craig / Centres
It really is that good.

Parquet Courts / Human Performance
A real solid return to form. The best of the rest.

Top Three Reissues / Compilations

New World Aquarium / The Games That We Play
Soulful Dynamics / Jungle People (Lee Douglas Edit)
Let’s Pet Puppies / Short Fat Skinny Tall