A list to start a thousand arguments. I've surely made any number of glaring omissions but here are some that I've rinsed over the years...

Kenlou - Sensational Beats

Weatherall Bloodsugar classic - the full track is pretty nice but this is leagues ahead. It'd be quite easy to do many lists of just Kenny Dope's dope beats.

Afro Buddha - Zone (Drum mix)

Brilliant Corners some-time sushi chef and co-founder, Kay Suzuki, proves he’s as adept with drums as a sharp-ass knife.

Scottie Deep presents Daddy’s Moods - C.H.A.N.T.S. (Deep's Outa Phucken Control)

Deeply psychedelic, wildly phasing toms from MK’s little bro. Oh baby.

Ten City - All Loved Out (ILÙ IFE) (Love Drum)

Joe Claussell is a genius and his unique feel for percussion was arguably what blew him up back in the 90s. The second part of this one of many examples.

Willesden Dodgers - 122bpm

Classic DJ tool for DJ fools.

Once I’d got this little list together, I messaged my mate, Chris Galloway, and asked his favourite rhythm track. Quick as a flash, he came back with one of the most iconic of all time. Danny Krivit (based on a Walter Gibbons edit) taking Rare Earth for a extended drum trip.