Top 3 Of The Year
1 – Tom Of England / Song Of The Sex Monk (L.I.E.S. Records)
2 – Shigeto / Shigeto EP (Vanity Press)
3– Free Nationals Ft. Chronixx / Eternal Light (OBE/Empire)

Khotin / Beautiful You (Ghostly International)

My personal album of the year was my own of course : )


Favourite Three (Four) Of The Year
1 – Unknown Artist ‎/ Shelved Recordings 1 (Shelved Recordings)
2 – Curt Cress ‎/ Dschung Tek (Music from Memory) - Velodorome
3 – На Велодроме 141 (Dark Entries)
4 – Pellegrino / Zodyaco (Early Sounds Recordings)

High Point
It's difficult to pick up just one great moment as it has been such a bright year and I have many memories. But I remember this particular moment while I was playing in June at The Whole Festival on the beach stage in the afternoon. The DJ booth was on the lake and the weather was sunny and warm. I could see many people dancing and smiling on the dancefloor beach, inside the lake, some naked and some wild and I thought - "What else do I need? Nothing! Everything is just perfect".

Call Super

Kept returning to...
Michael O’Shea / Michael O’Shea
Nick Cave / Ghosteen
Lori Goldston / Things Opening
Halogenix / Line B
Maria W Horn / Epistasis

Fave Reissue
Soul Jazz presents Fashion Records

Musical Moment/High Point
Stormzy at Glastonbury

Piers Harrison

Top 3 Singles
1 – Tiawa / Pain Killa (Roots Garden)
Manasseh on the buttons, a killer song and Tiawa's louche vocal delivery. Music for all time. Yes.

2 – Nail / Casiopeia (Mysticisms)
Nail's 1993 classic reissued and reworked. 10 minutes of timeless emotional electronic music.

3 – Seekers International / Badman Boogie (Future Times)
Tracing a similar mutant strain of the dancehall gene as Bokeh Versions. Here the world is dayglow, rubberised and somewhat bugged-out rather than dark and militant.

Dance / June 2018 to June 2019 (Blowing up the Workshop)
A perfect introduction to Dance's (Sam Purcell) trippy, detailed world. Big tings to come for 2020 on his own Blank Mind label and elsewhere!


Love International. No brainer. Hot weather hang with loads of good people, great music and shit-ton of grilled squid.

Phil Mison

Top 3
1 – Nelson Bishop / Alice et Les Aloes ( Darshan Jesrani coup de soleil mix )
2 – Zatua / Nun Vuelas Mars
3 – Holy Ghost ! Nicky B / Justin Strauss / Max Pask Remix


Lexx / Cosmic Shift (Phantom Island)

High Point
Travelling to Australia for the first time. Top parties for Jim’s Poolside Cafe in Melbourne and Freda’s in Sydney (a suburban oasis).

John Gomez

Top 3 Singles

1 – Mount liberation Unlimited / Climb Me Up (Studio Barnhus)
I think I’ve played the Dance Dubb Mixx more than anything else this year in my sets. It has that unmistakable MLU magic: at once poppy, cosmic, and light-hearted it evokes those warm getaways that we dream about all year. Lush.

2 – People Plus / Third Space (Mood Hut)
My favourite Mood Hut release in a while. I love the spacey feel of the whole EP, but Ascension in particular is bliss. Dreamy house with jazzy undertones that reverberate around late night dancefloors like a trippy lullaby.

3 – Rickey Corey Collective / Who Do You Love? (NDATL)
The long (veeeery long) Xtended Basement Dub featuring Chez Damier vocals and Kai Alcé on production may have a bit of an 80s throwback nostalgia feel, but it is richly soulful and dynamic dance music steeped in gospel that locks the dancefloor into an endless groove.

Spaza / Spaza (Mushroom Hour Half Hour)
Don’t be scared off by the words jazz or improv: the tracks recorded in this one-off session in Johannesburg feel like leftfield dance music that travels through outer space, making the journey their destination.

Against the backdrop of another year in which the world seems to be falling apart, Beverly Glenn Copeland delivered a much-needed transgenerational message of love and optimism at Bush Hall in London. Wise and playful on stage, his interpretation of the Deep River spiritual was the most powerful and emotional journey I ventured on this year.


Top 3
1 – Ludwig A.F. Röhrscheid / Oxygen (Exo International)
This one pitched down a bit turns into an absolute beauty. A modern take on the original Global Communications sound of old. Lovely stuff.

2 – CZ Wang & Neo Image / Just Off Wave (Mood Hut)
Love this. R&B feel. Deep pad. Sweet vocal. If there was a most played record it was this one. Went on loop this year.

3 – Lowell / No Matter (Major Problems)
Ok. I’m cheating as this is a reissue but this got played to death in the second half of the year. Ridiculously catchy and I’m surprised it didn’t get more attention than it did. Killer record.

Toshifumi Hinata / Broken Belief (Music From Memory)
Just a perfect daytime listen from a small palette of sound. A lovely thing.

Vladimir Ivkovic

Top 3
1 – Karamika / 2.0
2 – Andrew Liles - God’s Plan
3 – Passarani - Exit Velocity

Current 93 ‎– Invocations Of Almost

Highlight Of The Year
Terraforma 2019

Martyn Peperrell

Top 3

1. Debit / Numbering feat DJ Earl (N.A.A.F.I)

2. Sui Zhen, Matsudo City Life (Cascine/Dot Dash)

3. Mogwaa, Drizzle (Spring Theory)

Various Artists / Sad About The Times (Anthology Recordings)
An unbelievable collection of 70s US FM radio rock hits that weren't actually hits, and probably didn't even receive any late night FM radio play in their era. If you've ever thought about the concept of parallel dimensions, these songs will make sense straight away.

Highlight of the year
When I was in London in November, I witnessed a rare performance by Beverly Glenn-Copeland and his band at Shepherd's Bush's intimate Bush Hall venue. Transformative, psychedelic, meditative, spiritual, life-affirming, you name it, Beverly deserves all of the accolades, now.



1. KOGA - Hive Mind EP (OCP)
2. Karlos Moran - MMG 004 (Moran Music Group)
3. Furious Frank - Ahora Si (Butter Sessions)

Starting my own label, and it doing so well. Incredibly happy and grateful for that. It was the perfect excuse to finally finish and release some of my music from around 99-01. And when one of your artist-heroes from back then plays the music you started recording in your bedroom 20 years earlier, inspired by that very same artist... That's a definitely a highpoint - thanks Ron Trent!