I'm incredibly late to the game, but spelunking through Bandcamp is fantastic. There's a thrilling lack of context as you bounce between people's collections, checking out stuff purely on gut instinct or entirely at random. You get reissues, digital-only obscurities, stuff you missed, labels you overlooked due to your own prejudices. And for a couple of of quid, you can take a chance on that weirdo b-side cut you're not totally sure on. Why not? Treat yourself.

Here's a few bits I've recently discovered.

Apparently, this is 'extra rare Lo-Fi Reggae from Moscow and released in 1988. I've no idea this is true as I can't find any other information beyond the Bandcamp page I found it on. I mean, it sounds about right, but could as easily be some sort of situationist scam. What I can definitively say is that it is excellent and, if you were into those two killer Winesome twelves, you should cop it ASAP.

Bot1500 has released a fair bit of superbly crafted IDM/electronica/techno, which has found homes on labels like Brighton's deeper than deep Furthur Electronix. This is a digital-only re-rub of Euphoria 7 from his latest record, and it's glorious and transportive. Even if you are suffering a bit from ambient burn-out, like me.

Coming on Holland's South of North label, this is wobbly DIY dub with that post-punk touch.

The very excellent Seance Centre record store had deadstock of this earlier in the year. But if you snoozed and lost (like me), you can grip the digital on Bandcamp. Legion of Green Men were a pretty seminal Canadian electronica duo and their catalogue is well worth having a deep dive into.

Baris K is a bit of a cult hero both as a DJ and producer. This track from 2017 is a half-way house between the organic sound palette he is known for and the expansive, detailed minimal house template. One to get lost in.

Originally released on Traffic records in 2015, and given a new digital lease of life toward the end of last year, this absolutely slaps. No nonsense electro-flavoured house with a booming bottom end. 'Butt music' as Andrew Weatherall used to say. Shake it.

Coming from a collection of reworks of his 'Information' LP on Ghostly International, Galcher Lustwerk slows down 'Thermonics' to a deep, dubby, languid drawl.

This track comes from a 1993 CD-only compilation snappily titled 'Reality Reduction - Dream Music from the Suburbs of Hell' and features the likes of Sarah Cracknell. 'Arden Street' hits that art-house movement 98/balearic/house sweet spot and is right up my street.

I heard DJ Sotofett play this on his excellent Balamii radio show. A potent reminder that no one but no one sounds like Shake. One for the floor!