Blue Gas
Shadows From Nowhere
Archeo Recordings

Words by Dr Rob
Celso Valli, Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Review, Blue Gas / Shadows From Nowhere / Archeo Recordings, Italy

Another sought after Italian gem reissued by Archeo. The Bee-Gees falsetto of Celso Valli tracing the ghost of an absent lover, where shadows = memories, over a “Walk On The Wild Side” bass line. A Flyer-esque ballad from the Sad Cafe (del Mar), remastered in its original form, and seamlessly teased out by label boss Manu on his extended edit - the bracketed, “There Are Shadows Because There Are Hills” (which sounds like an enigmatic, philosophical quote from David Carradine`s `70s TV show, “Kung Fu”, but is actually lifted from E. M. Forster`s “Room With A View”).

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