Compass Point
A Test Pressing Soundfile

Words by Apiento

It was a very mellow holiday so I had sometime to look at a project I have been working on for sometime which is a book about Compass Point - the studio in Nassau, Bahamas. Part of this has been interviewing a number of the key players. I took some of these, cut them up over music and here you go. Interviewed in the sound documentary below are Wally Badarou (and his lovely wife), Chris Frantz (Talking Heads / Tom Tom Club), Lynn Goldsmith (Will Powers) and Kendall Stubbs (one of the engineers at Compass Point).

It is by no way a definitive story of the studio, nor the music made there, but hopefully it will give you an impression of how amazing that studio was and an impression of Chris Blackwell - head of Island Records and the man that built and pulled the whole studio together whilst also producing and signing the artists. He had the vision and foresight to pull together the perfect framework of musicians and engineers and producers and I hope you are able to hear this in the enclosed.

(Note: please excuse the quality of the sound on the interviews as they were recorded on either a dictaphone or via Skype, neither of which are conducive to clear sound).

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Apiento & Phil Mison