More lockdown = more listening time. Here’s a selection of podcasts and mixes that have kept me going through Lockdown 2.0.

Life In Dub – Scientist

I can’t recommend the Life In Dub podcasts enough. They’re a great way to learn about dub and sound system culture from the people who are actively involved in creating it and the natural enthusiasm and in depth knowledge of host Steve Vibronics always brings out the best in his guests. The latest episode (number 24) is also pretty special as it features a chat with Hopeton Overton Brown, a.k.a. Scientist, a true living legend and one of the greatest dub producers of all time. Their discussions provide an intriguing insight into his early years working as an apprentice at King Tubby's, the trials and tribulations he’s had trying to get recognition for his work and his extremely time efficient working methodology which comes from being given 3 hours to record and mix a vocal and dub track back in the day.

Estelle Birch – UK Dub Special

A great selection of homegrown dubwise sounds from NTS’ Estelle Birch ranging from the rare and eye-wateringly expensive (Black Jade’s Contempo LP) to the equally brilliant and much more affordable (Errol Mattis’ Path Of The Just 12”).

Toby Tobias & Piers Soft Rocks – Be About It… Pt 1

A lovely laidback lockdown mix from Toby Tobias and Test Pressing’s own Piers Harrison. Lots of reggae and dub mixed in with the hazier and dubbier end of the soul and house spectrum with the aim of recreating a chilled club scenario within the confines of your lockdown living room. Job done I’d say.

Al Wootton – Dub Special

I’ve been a big fan of Al Wootton’s music for a while now from his early dark garage productions as Deadboy to the more recent dubwise dancefloor destroyers released under his own name and his explorations into the world of dubby post-punk as one half of Holy Tongue. The influence of dub is a welcome and constant feature in all his productions so it’s therefore maybe no surprise he’s put together a cracking one off dub mix for Noods which provides a great range of sounds from classic 70’s Jamaican dub to more contemporary interpretations of the genre from these shores.

404 eros - The Lot Radio

Hip hop, reggae and dub aren’t heard alongside each other as often as they should be in my opinion so this mix that 404 eros put together for the latest edition of their Lot Radio show is a bit of a treat. Packed with, in their own words, ‘plenty of bun down Babylon energy.’