Collected below are some interesting records I’ve come across over the last month or so. If any of them also catch your interest you can pick up copies at the Dubwise Vinyl Shop.

Froid Dub - 'Dubs & Beats from an Iceberg Cruising the Jamaican Coastline'

The first Froid Dub record that appeared early last year was a bit of a revelation. Its combination of the icy synths of European coldwave with the warm basslines of Jamaican dub proved so successful that it left you thinking why hadn't anyone tried this before. This is the follow up which contains dubs and alternate versions of those tracks and it effortlessly reaches the same heady heights of success as its predecessor, possibly even surpassing it. A record packed full of dub versions of dub tracks is always going to be a winner in my book and this one certainly doesn't disappoint.

Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari - 'Grounation'

I found myself coming back to this one a lot during the chaos of the last 2 years. A truly spectacular piece of music that combines elements of roots reggae, dub poetry, jazz and folk to produce a deeply spiritual and moving album that effortlessly stretches across 3 LPs. Beautifully and impeccably reissued by Japan's Dub Store.

While My Sequencer Gently Weeps - 'Emotional Icecream'

Absolutely amazing record from Stefan Schwander whose work as A Rocket In Dub I've previously featured on Dubwise Vinyl. This is the kind of thing that inspired me to set up the blog in the first place - taking inspiration from a broad range of electronic music genres and then applying a dubwise aesthetic to unite it all into a single cohesive sound. There are traces of house, techno, UKG, bleep n bass and even old school rave in here but pleasingly it doesn't fit into any one of these set categories and instead forges its own unique style that sounds both familiar yet refreshingly otherworldly and new.

Reggae Africa: Roots & Culture 1972-1981

Ace collection of 70's African reggae from Africa Seven. Plenty of gems to be found here including some personal favourites in the shape of Georges Happi's deeply funky "Hello Friends" and Christy Essien's beautifully soulful "I'll Be Your Man." Lots of hard to find tracks on this so a very handy and welcome comp.

Nicolini - 'Penni's Palace'

Fantastic dubby post-punk funk from Nicolini on the South Of North label out of Amsterdam that continues the fine experimental lineage established by artists such as The Flying Lizards, Brenda Ray and New Age Steppers. Loads of great stuff on this ranging from the digi-reggae meets post-punk of ‘Penni Chasing’ to the eastern influenced deep cosmic dub of ‘Woospang Man’ to the next level mutant dancehall rhythms of ‘Smecks’.

Steel An Skin - 'Reggae Is Here Once Again'

Top notch collection of tracks from late 70's London based collective Steel An Skin put together by EM Records featuring the indisputable classic 'Reggae Is Here Again' as well as its dancefloor bomb of a dub 'Afro Punk Reggae' alongside other gems such as infectious steel drum dubwise groove of 'Hi Life' and the timely eco themed psychedelic soul of 'Acid Rain.'

Sabab - 'Revival Style'

An LP of eight expertly executed old school dubs from Sabab on Lion Charge that provides a very welcome contemporary update on the classic late 70's/early 80's sound championed by the likes of Roots Radics and Scientist. Lovely stuff.

Deadbeat x Om Unit - 'Root, Stalk, Leaf And Bloom'

Fantastic double vinyl epic from Deadbeat and Om Unit on Singapore's Midnight Shift records. Given the pedigree of the two artists collaborating here it's no surprise that this is absolute quality from start to finish. Dubbed out electronics of the finest order ranging from the roots influenced opener of aptly named 'Root' to the acid tinged bass rumblings of closer 'Bloom.' If you dug Om Unit's excellent 'Acid Dub Studies' then you'll love this as it treads a similar path whilst going even further into the darkest depths of the echo chamber.

Dub-Stuy - 'Answer Riddim'

Dub-Stuy deliver the goods here getting DJ Madd to provide a deadly update the immortal Answer Riddim alongside three new vocal cuts including one from Dubwise Vinyl favourite JonnyGo Figure who totally knocks it out of the park on 'A Different Answer.' Also includes an instrumental/dub which is a serious weapon in its own right capable of doing some proper bass bin shaking damage.

Emerson Kitamura - 'The Countryside Is Great'

Amazing record that's difficult to describe as it doesn't really sound like anything else. Dubwise experimental synth pop is the best I can come up with but that doesn't really do it justice. Check out the mesmerisingly good version of 'Rock Your Baby' and you'll see what I mean.